Trimethopim(TMP) CAS:738-70-5

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INTRODUCE Trimethopim(TMP) is used as BASIC INFORMATION Usage: Trimethopim(TMP) is used as monocarboxylic polyether type of special animal antibiotics, for the majority of gram-positive bacteria and all kinds of ball insect strong restrain and kill, not easy the creation bears the medicine and…



Trimethopim(TMP) is used as an antimicrobial drug that is mainly used to treat urinary tract infections; other uses include otitis media and travelers’ diarrhea.This product can be used together with compound fenomine and dapusong to treat pneumocystis pneumonia in AIDS patients.

Trimethoprim is taken orally. Common side effects include nausea, altered taste, and red rashes, occasionally resulting in a lack of platelets or white blood cells in the blood.There are also cases of sun allergy.There is evidence of potential risks associated with the use of drugs during pregnancy in other animals, which is still unclear in humans.Its bactericidal mechanism is to block the metabolism of folic acid in bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria.


Product Name Trimethopim(TMP)
Other Name Monotrim;Proloprim;Monotrimin;Triprim;Trimpex;
Cas No. 738-70-5
Molecular Formula C14H18N4O3
Molecular Weight 290.31800
Appearance and properties White Powder
Storage conditions Stored in normal temperature
Structural Formula 33


Trimethopim(TMP) is used as a synthetic broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, used alone for respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, intestinal infection and other diseases.


Trimethopim(TMP) is produced by synthesized from gallic acid and guanidine nitrate.

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