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Antifoaming Agent For Industry Tents cleaning


1.Product Introduction

Organic silicon defoamer for water treatment is an efficient defoamer specially developed for various water treatment systems. It has the advantages of fast defoaming speed, long antifoaming time, high efficiency, low dosage, non-toxic, non-corrosive and no adverse side effects. It is easy to disperse in water, compatible with liquid products, and not easy to demulsify and bleach oil.

Perfermance Data
Appearance milky white liquid
viscosity(25℃)mpa.s 1000-3000
Deforming rate(%) ≥ 98
Water solubility Uniform dispersion in water
Solid content(%) ≥8(customized)
Effective active content(%) 14-35

2.Product characteristics

1. Antifoaming, anti-foaming and less dosage do not affect the basic properties
of the foaming system.
2. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-corrosive, non-toxic, no adverse side effects, non-flammable, non-explosive.
3. Its performance is comparable to that of imported products, and its price has more obvious advantages.


Organosilicon defoamer for water treatment is used for all kinds of Circulating Wastewater treatment, all kinds of circulating industrial wastewater, all kinds of Circulating Wastewater treatment, textile, printing and dyeing, oil refining, cleaning and all other normal temperature, acid-base system water treatment defoaming, etc.

4.Method of use

Silicone defoamer for water treatment can be directly added or sprayed. If dilution needs to be used immediately, it is best to use the product on the same day. The dilution factor can be 1-10 times. The diluent is tap water. If dilution needs to be
preserved for a long time, stabilizer must be added and contact our company if necessary.

5.Transport, Packaging and Storage

Packaging: This product is packed in 25KG, 50KG and 120KG/200kg plastic barrels.
Storage: This product is not dangerous, non-toxic, non-flammable, sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place indoors. The shelf life is about 12 months.
Transportation:This product should be well sealed in transportation, moisture-proof, strong alkali, strong acid and rain-proof impurities mixed in.

6.Heat resistance properties

Organosilicon products are based on silicon-oxygen (SI-O) bond as the main chain structure. The bond energy of C-C bond is 82.6 kcal/mol, and the bond energy of Si-O bond is 121 kcal/mol in organosilicon. Therefore, the thermal stability of organosilicon products is high, and chemical bonds of molecules under high temperature (or radiation irradiation) do not break or decompose.Silicone is resistant to both high and low temperatures and can be used over a wide range of temperatures.Both chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties change very little with temperature.

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