Tadalafil Intermediate

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Tadalafil intermediate
CAS No.:171489-59-1
USAGE: Tadalafil intermediate



Product name Tadalafil intermediate
CAS NO. 171489-59-1
M.F. C22H19ClN2O5
M.W 426.85000
Boiling point 552.2℃
Flash point 287.8℃
Net weight: 25KG fiber drum


Appearance White to class yellow powder Class white powder
Rotation +79.0~ +84.00 +80.330
Related subsances Individual impurity NMT1.0% 0.54%
Total unknown impurity NMT 2.0% 0.85%
Calculate Isomer A NMT 0.5% 0.038%
B NMT 0.5% 0.008%
C NMT 3% 0.521%
Loss on drying NMT 0.5% 0.12%
Residue on ignition NMT 0.1% Conforms
Heavy metals 10ppm Conforms
Assay NLT 98.5% 99.1%


It can be used as Tadalafil intermediate.


1) commerial lot

2) produce under GMP

3) auditable

4) documents supply.

Leak emergency treatment of Tadalafil intermediate 

Operating personnel protective measures, protective equipment and emergency disposal procedures:

It is recommended that emergency responders wear respirators, antistatic clothing and rubber oil-resistant gloves.

Do not touch or cross the spill.

All equipment used in the operation shall be earthed.

Cut off the source as much as possible.

Eliminate all ignition sources.

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