Pyrocatechol Monoethyl Ether 94-71-3

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CAS NO.: 94-71-3
M.F.: C8H10O2
M.W: 138.1638


Product name Pyrocatechol monoethyl ether
Other name 2-Ethoxyphenol; 2-ethoxy-pheno; 2-ethoxy-phenol; 2-Ethyloxyphenol
CAS NO. 94-71-3
M.F. C8H10O2
M.W 138.1638
Structure 4
EINECS 202-358-5
Chemical Properties
Melting point 65-69 ºC
Density 1.09g/mLat 25°C(lit.)
Boiling point 216-217°C(lit.)
Flash point 91ºC
Safety information
UN NO. 3295
Package classification III
hazard classification 3
Net weight 25KG fiber drum


Product name 2-Ethoxyphenol CAS NO 94-71-3
Appearance Colorless to pale pink crystals Conform
Assay Nlt 98% 99.3%
Melting point 28-29 ºc 28-29 ºc
Residues ignition <0.3% 0.22%
Moisture <0.5% 0.25%


The main raw material for the synthesis of ethyl vanillin (ethyl vanillin).

Can be used as raw material for medicine and pesticide

First aid measures

4.1 Description of necessary first aid measures

General advice

Consult a doctor.Show this safety specification to the doctor on site.

The suction

If inhaled, remove to fresh air.If breathing stops, give artificial respiration.Consult a doctor.

Skin contact

Rinse with soap and plenty of water.Consult a doctor.

Eye contact

Fire control measures

5.1 Fire-extinguishing media

Extinguishing method and extinguishing agent

For small (initial) fires, an agent such as “ethanol” foam, dry chemicals, or carbon dioxide is used.In case of fire, use water as much as possible to put out the fire.Use in large quantities (

(water is applied in a spray-like manner;The water column may be ineffective.Use large amounts of water to cool all affected containers.

5.2 Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture

Carbon oxide

5.3 Advice to firefighters

Wear self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to fight fires if necessary.

5.4 Further Information

Spray water to cool unopened containers

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