Pyrimidine 289-95-2

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CAS NO.: 289-95-2
M.F.: C4H4N2
M.W: 80.088



Pyrimidine, also known as “m-diazobenzene”, is a six-member aryl heterocyclic compound containing two m-nitrogen atoms. It is isomers of pyridazine and pyrazine.The molecular formula C4H4N2.Molecular weight: 80.09.A colorless liquid or solid crystal with a pungent odor.Melting point 20 ~ 22℃.Boiling point 123 ~ 124℃.Refractive index 1.4998 (20℃).Easy to water, ethanol, ether, has a weak alkaline, can form salt with acid, its alkalinity is less than pyridine, electrophilic substitution reaction is also more difficult than pyridine, only in the 5-position can occur bromination reaction, can not occur nitrification and sulfonation reaction, but more prone to nucleophilic substitution.Pyrimidine derivatives are widely found in nature.For example, vitamin B1, uracil, cytosine and thymine all contain pyrimidine structures.Its picric acid salt is yellow needle – like crystal.Melting point is 156 ℃.Due to the presence of conjugated double bonds in pyrimidines, they are highly absorbent to ultraviolet rays.Barbiturate was oxidized by phosphorus oxychloride and reduced by hydroiodate.

Nucleic acids contain three important pyrimidine derivatives, which are important bases in nucleic acids and play an important role in living organisms.


Product name Pyrimidine
CAS NO. 289-95-2
M.F. C4H4N2
M.W 80.088
Structure 4
EINECS 206-026-0
Chemical Properties
Melting point 19-22ºC
Density 1.016
Boiling point 123-124ºC
Flash point 80.6
Safety information
UN 1993
Dangerous classification 3
Package classification III
Storage: Closed tight; stored in dry place; avoid sunlight.
Net weight 250 kgs/drum


Product name Pyrimidine CAS NO 289-95-2
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid or white solid Conform
Purity(HPLC) NLT98.0% 98.5%


Pyrimidine is used for Organic synthesis.


4-fluoro-3-trifluoromethylphenol 2-chloropyrimidine n-methylpiperazine N,N’ -carbonyl diimidazolethylamine

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