PYRIDINE 110-86-1

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CAS NO.: 110-86-1
M.F.: C5H5N
M.W: 79.1



Product name Pyridine
CAS NO. 110-86-1
M.F. C5H5N
M.W 79.1
Structure 4
EINECS 203-809-9
Chemical Properties
Melting point -42℃
Density 0.9830 g/cm3
Boiling point 115.5 °C
Flash point 20°C
Safety information
Hazard classification 3.1
Package classification II
UN 2922
Net weight 25kg/drum


Product name Pyridine CAS NO 110-86-1
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Conform
Purity 99.00% min 99.94%
Mositure 0.10% max 0.02%
Evaporation residue 0.004% max 0.001%
Chloride (CL) 0.001% max Conform
Sulphate (SO4) 0.002% max Conform
Cuprum(cu) 0.0005% max Conform
Density (20 degree) g/ml 0.980-0.985 0.984
Potassium permanganate-reducing substances Conform Conform
Color 20 max 15
Ammonia (as nh3) 0.004% max 0.001%
Completeness of solution Clear Clear


Pyridine  is mainly used as raw material in pharmaceutical industry, as solvent and alcohol denatoring agent, and also used to produce rubber, paint, resin and corrosion inhibitor.

Pyridine is used to manufacture vitamins, sulfonamides, pesticides and plastics. It is used as basic solvent in chemical industry and laboratory except as raw material for medicine and various pyridine compounds.

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