Polymeric Beads For Valve Casting

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Product Name: Expandable Polymeric beads for die casting
Other names: Synthetic resin; STMMA for Lost Form Casting…


Product Name: Expandable Polymeric beads For Valve CastingPolymeric beads for valve casting1

Lost Foam Advantages vs Traditional Casting

● Lost Foam Casting is particularly used for very complex casting. This process eliminates cores and parting lines.


Packaging & Shipping

● Each of the above products is available in 25kgs bags or 125kgs drums.


This series product has been applied by a lot of domestic and oversea enterprises such as American General, BMW group Germany, Popular used in Foundry industry, Lost Form Casting, valve factory, Engine or Cylinder block, etc.

Usage photo:

Polymeric beads for valve casting1-


  • QMOQ ?
  • A125kg/1pallet.
  • QCan I mix?
  • ANO
  • QBest price?
  • ACheaper prices with bigger orders.
  • QLead time?
  • ANormal 5~7 days after payment.
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