Polymeric Beads For Cylinder Engine Block Casting

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Product Name: Polymeric beads for Cylinder Engine block casting,
Other names: Synthetic resin; STMMA for Lost Form Casting; Polymeric beads for Foundry; Polymeric beads for valve casting; Polymeric beads for Cylinder block casting; Polymeric beads for Engine block casting, Mold Casting resin;
Chemical components:​ Copolymerization of 30%styrene and 70%MMA


  • Product Name:STMMA-Raw Material Expanded Polystyrene
  • Application:Cylinder Engine Block Casting
  • Color:White.
  • Main Component:30% eps,70%MMA
  • Appearance:Corlorless Semi-transparent Crystalline Beads
  • Size:Foam Bead Raw Material 0.85-1.25 MM
  • upply Ability:
  • 30000 Ton/Tons per Month

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details:25/125 KG


This series product has been applied by a lot of domestic and oversea enterprises such as American General, BMW group Germany, Anhui Quanchai Engine,Popular used in Foundry industry,

Lost Form Casting, valve factory, Engine or Cylinder block, etc.

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