Oil & Gas Drilling PAC

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Description: Oil & Gas Drilling PAC


Oil & Gas Drilling PAC.   CAS NO: 39123100

Our PAC products are high-tech products. As anionic cellulose ether, it features high purity, high replacement and well distribution and can be taken as thickener, rheology modifier and fluid loss agent. HV and LV PAC are indispensable products in slurry combination. The application experience of CNPC, CNOOC, Daqing Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, oil mining enterprises in Middle East and Europe witnesses the excellent performance as well as stable and reliable quality.

High quality PAC is white flowing powder and the water solution is transparent viscous liquid. As water soluble polymer, it can be able to be thickener, rheology control agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective glue, suspending agent and water retaining agent.

In oil drilling industry, PAC is a good kind of slurry agent and fluid material, with high mud yield and excellent salt resistance. To fresh-water mud, seawater mud and saturated brine mud, PAC is an excellent filtration reducer ,superior to increase viscosity and high temperature resistance (150℃). Besides, it can formulate completion fluids with various densities .even there is more calcium chloride, it still can keep the completion fluid with certain viscosity and lower filtration.

Our  HV and LV PAC products not only meet the standards of OCMA and API 13A,but also able to step over these standards if you have a special demand.