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Description: Natamycin



Natamycin(E235) is a natural anti-fungal product which is produced by a pure culture of Streptomyces spp. following a strictly controlled fermentation process.

Natamycin inhibits not only the growth of various moulds and yeasts, but also the production of their toxins. It can greatly extend the shelf-life of cheese, baked food, meat and beverage products.

Effectively inhibiting yeasts and moulds;
High safety and little dosage;
Applied on the surface of food by spraying or dipping;
Stable under a wide range of pH value, effective at 3-9.

Natamycin can effectively inhibit most yeasts and moulds, without affecting food flavor.
Dipping the cheese in 300-500mg/L natamycin suspension for 2 minutes can extend the shelf life without affecting the natural ripening of cheese.
Spraying the suspension of natamycin with 300-500mg/L on the surface of baked food or mooncake, it will extend the shelf-life effectively.
Adding 5-10mg/L of natamycin in brewed wine could inhibit the fermentation caused by yeasts in order to extend the shelf-life.

The product conforms to international specifications laid down by FAO/WHO, EU, and US FDA.

Packaging and Storage
Packing:100g,500g,25kg or packed to customer’s requirement.
Storage:Keep in cool condition away from direct sunshine and temperature under 20℃.Period of validity is 24 months.