N-Bromosuccinimide 128-08-5

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CAS NO.: 128-08-5
M.F.: C4H4BrNO2
M.W: 177.9841



Product name N-Bromosuccinimide
CAS NO. 128-08-5
M.F. C4H4BrNO2
M.W 177.9841
Structure 4
EINECS 204-877-2
Chemical Properties
Melting point 173-175ºC
Density 2.098g/cm3
Boiling point 221.4°C
Flash point 87.7°C
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures
Storage low temperature ventilation dry, waterproof, moisture-proof warehouse, Store separately with aniline, dialkyl sulfur, hydrazine hydrate, peroxide and propanitrile
Safety information
Hazard classification 8
Package classification II
UN 3261
Net weight 25kg/drum. or bag.


Product name N-Bromosuccinimide CAS NO 128-08-5
Appearance White or pale yellow crystal White crystal
Assay NLT 99% 99.45
Active bromine NLT 44% 44.65%
Test with acetic acid Meet the requirement conform
Melting point 173-183°C 173-179
Loss on drying NMT 0.5% 0.11%


N-Bromosuccinimide is used for Ketamine intermediates.It also can be used to synthesize Bromoacetonitrile, and thiamillam in pesticide industry, and fruit preservative, preservative and fungicide

N-bromosuccinimide, or n-bromosuccinimide ( called NBS), is important reagent in organic synthesis. It is widely used in radical substitution reactions and electrophilic addition reactions. NBS can be used as a substitute for bromine.

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