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Product Name: Hydrogen silicone oil
CAS NO. 63148-57-2
Other names: Polymethyldrosiloxane, Silicone Fluid


Product Description

Silicone oil is manufactured to yield essentially linear polymers in a wide range of average kinematic viscosities. It is highly soluble in organic solvents such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and the halocarbon propellants used in aerosols. The fluid is easily emulsified in water with standard emulsifiers and normal emulsification techniques. But it is insoluble in water and many organic products. The viscosities generally used in formulating polishes are between 100 and 30,000cst. To obtain optimum results, in terms of ease of application and depth of gloss, it is preferable to use a blend of a low-viscosity fluid and a high-viscosity fluid. (e.g. 3 parts 100cst and 1 part 12,500cst). The low-viscosity silicone fluid acts as a lubricant to make polish application and rubout easier, whereas the high viscosity silicone fluid produces a greater depth of gloss. Since these polymers are inherently water repellent, they will cause water to bead up on a treated surface rather than penetrate the polish film.

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Properties and Uses:

This product contains active functional group—Si-H. With the effect of catalysts, the active Si-H group will react with the double bond group and the hydroxyl group. This product is the crosslinking agent of the liquid silicone rubber and the basic raw materials of foam stabilizers, defoamers, water-soluble silicone oil and other products. It can also be applied to a variety of modified silicone oil. Besides, it can form water-repellent films on the surfaces of various substrates with the help of catalysts at certain temperature. So low hydrogen silicone fluid is widely used as waterproofing agent, release agent or anti-corrosion agents.

Technical index

Item Index
Appearance Colorless transparent oily liquid
Viscosity(25 ℃,mPa.s) 5~400
Hydrogen content(wt %) 0.01~1.40
Volatiles(wt %) <10 viscosity≤10);<2(viscosity>10)
Density(25 ℃,g/cm3) 0.98~1.00
Refractive index(25 ℃) 1.390~1.410

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