Gellan Gum

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Description: Gellan gum is a kind of microbial extra cellular polysaccharide. As a multi-functional thickening, gelling and stabilizing agent, gellan gum has been broadly applied in the food, medicine(e.g. soft or hard capsule), cosmetic, chemical industry, etc. Gellan gum has two kinds: low acyl and high acyl.



Product Characteristics

Characteristic Advantage Characteristic Advantage
Weak gel Suspends Highly pseudoplastic Pourable, pumpable, low viscosity
Flexible Adapted to suit your process Low use level Form a gell with only 0.05%
Clarity Improved product appearance Thermostability Suspension at high temperatures


The products should be handled gently and kept from light, moisture and heat. Do not put it together with poison or contaminants. Tightly sealed, and put in a dry place.

Comparative Advantage

Low acyl gellan gum is a brittle gel, very sensitive to shear force, with clear taste. Compared with other food gels, gellan gum has obvious advantages, and it’s now gradually replacing agar and carrageenan in the food industry. Following picture shows the properties of gellan gum in comparison with other gels.

Specification of gellan gum

Specification items Units Limits
Color Off-white
Odor No Odor
Appearance Free-flowing Powder
Gellan Gum w/% 85.0-108.0
Loss on drying w/% ≤15.0
PH 5~8
Lead mg/kg ≤2
Bacterium account cfu/g ≤10000
E.Coli mpn/100g ≤30
Salmonella 0/25g
Mold and yeast cfu/g ≤400

Field of application

Food beverage, sweets, jam, jelly, gels, synthetic food, pet food, sugar coating, frosting, dairy and baked products
Medicine eye drops, soft or hard capsule, microcapsules
Cosmetics skincare products, perfume
Daily Chemical coating, tackiness agent, toothpaste, car balm, air freshener
Agriculture fertilizer gels
Others microorganism, plant culture medium, photosensitive film