Evaporative Pattern Casting Beads

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Product Name: Evaporative pattern casting beads


Product Name: Evaporative pattern casting beads


Typical foam properties:

Free foam density (kg/m3) 25 ~ 35
Thermal Conductivity ( 20℃) (W/m.K) 0.022
Water absorption (%) ≤1.5
Close cell rate (%) ≥96
Compressive strength (kpa) Horizontal≥170, Vertical≥100
Dimensional stability(-20℃hr) Volume change rate-0.5%
Dimensional stability(+70℃hr) Volume change rate+0.5%


Packaging & Shipping

● It should be stored in a clean,airtight container.
● It should be stored in a cool dry place, and kept away from direct sunlight or contract with alkaline substances, acid, moisture and other impurities.


This series product has been applied by a lot of domestic and oversea enterprises such as American General, BMW group Germany, Anhui Quanchai Engine, Popular used in Foundry industry, Lost Form Casting, valve factory, Engine or Cylinder block, etc.


Since 1991

Specializing in STMMA produce for lost form casting,etc.

Passed the Iso9001:2008 and international certificate as CE,CB,GS,SAA,EMC,ETL

Export to more than 15 countries in Europe,South America,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,Africa,and areas etc.

Our mission is to create good quality for pu/pu foam for pu rigid foam/pu flexible foam.

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STMMA widely used in the production of Lostfoams and polyisocyanurate foams. Other uses include paints, adhesives, sealants, structural foams, microcellular integral skin foams, automotive bumper and interior parts, high-resilience foams and synthetic wood.

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