EPC Raw Material

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Product Name: EPC process resin
Other names: Synthetic resin; STMMA for Lost Form Casting; Polymeric beads for Foundry; Polymeric beads for valve casting; Polymeric beads for Cylinder block casting…


Product Name: EPC Raw material

Lost Foam Advantages vs Traditional Casting

● Lost Foam Casting is particularly used for very complex casting. This process eliminates cores and parting lines.

Packaging & Shipping

● Each of the above products is available in 125kgs drums.

1.Q:What’s the viscosity?

A:300~1500mpa, special requirements can produce according to cusotmer’s requirements.

2. Q:This resin is suit for which kind of rebond foam machine?

A:Both steam heating and natural temperatue can applied, can support technical serivce according to customer’s different requirements.

3.Q:How many KG for one drum?

A:Around 125kg (N/W) for the glue,

4.Q:Is your products environmentally friendly?

A:Yes .SGS certification, harmless for human.

5.Q:Delivery Time?

A:Around 14 working days.

6.Q:Payment Term?



A:one 20” GP container

8 :Q:Can you provide samples?

A: Yes,we provide the samples free of charge!

Usage photo:

EPC Process Resin1

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