Doramectin 117704-25-3

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CAS NO.: 117704-25-3
M.F.: C50H74O14
M.W: 899.1142



Doramectin is a new generation of antiparasitic drugs. Compared with other ivermectin products on the market, its antiparasitic range is wider and the effect is better, and the effective time of preventing parasite reinfection is longer. It is the new veterinary antiparasitic drug with the best effect and the most development potential in the world.

Doramectin is an insecticide for internal and external parasites, and is effective for nematode and arthropod.At present, the deworming drugs commonly used in China’s pig industry are: internal parasitic drugs: propiomidazole, levamisole, trichlorfon, doxorubicin, hydomycin, ivermectin, abamectin.Ectoparasites: Trichlorfon, diformamidine, diazinon, pyrethroids, abamectin, ivermectin.


Product name Doramectin
Other name Doromectin; Doramectina;Doramectin;
CAS NO. 117704-25-3
M.F. C50H74O14
M.W 899.1142
Structure 4
EINECS 601-490-4
Chemical Properties
Melting point 116 – 119 C
Density 1.25
Boiling point 967.4 °C
Flash point 279ºC
Safety information
Not dangerous goods
Net weight 25kg drum


Item Specification Result
Appearance Off white or light yellow crystalline powder Off white crystalline powder
Identification IR spectrum of sample corresponds to that of reference standard
The absorbance of the resulting solution at the maximum at 265nm
Related substances NMT1.0%
Assay %  NLT 99% 100.1%
Conclusion Up to the standard.


Doramectin used in the treatment of livestock disease and acariasis parasitic disease, in vitro by gene recombination of avi Streptomyces (Streptomyces avermitilis) new strain fermentation and, with the main difference for C25 ivermectin cyclohexyl replace, for new, broad-spectrum resistance to drugs, parasites of gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworm, euglena, ticks, ticks, mites and wound maggots are efficient, external parasite especially some nematodes (round worms) and arthropods also has a good drive to kill, but for tapeworm, trematode and protozoa is invalid.The mechanism of action is to increase the release of the inhibitory transmitter gamma-aminobutyic acid (GABA), which blocks the transmission of nerve signals and makes muscle cells lose the ability to contract, leading to the death of the worm.The mammalian peripheral neurotransmitter is acetylcholine, which is not affected by Doramectin, which is not easy to cross the blood-brain barrier and has minimal damage to the central nervous system. It is relatively safe for livestock.The main characteristic is that the blood concentration and half-life are both higher than ivermectin or twice longer than ivermectin.Injections for cattle and pigs and sprays for cattle have been approved in the United States


1. The property of Doramectin is not stable, and it is rapidly decomposed and inactivated under sunlight. The residual drugs are toxic to fish and aquatic organisms, so pay attention to water source protection.

2. Pouring agent: The cattle should not be rained within 6 hours after application.

3. Used with caution in dogs.

4. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Operators should not eat or smoke when using the product, and wash hands after operation.

5. The residual drugs are toxic to fish and aquatic organisms, so attention should be paid to the protection of water resources.

6. The rest period is 35 days for cattle and 24 days for pigs.

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