4-(Chloromethyl)-5-Methyl-1,3-Dioxol-2-One 80841-78-7

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CAS NO.: 80841-78-7
M.F.: C5H5ClO3
M.W: 148.5444



Product name 4-(chloromethyl)-5-methyl-1,3-dioxol-2-one
CAS NO. 80841-78-7
M.F. C5H5ClO3
M.W 148.5444
Structure 1
EINECS 205-478-6
Chemical Properties
Melting point -96.7°C
Density 1.362g/cm3
Boiling point 163.2 ºC
Flash point 66.7°C
Safety information
No dangerous goods
Net weight 25KG fiber drum
Gross weight 27.5kg
Stoarge In well-closed container at room temperature


Product name 4-(chloromethyl)-5-methyl-1,3-dioxol-2-one
Appearance Colorless to yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid
Water NMT0.5% 0.02%
Impurity A NMT 1.5% 0.27%
Impurity B NMT 0.2% Not detected
Impurity C NMT 1.0% 0.07%
Impurity D NMT 3.0% 2.42%
Impurity E NMT 0.15% 0.07%
Other maximum single impurity NMT1.0% 0.20%
Purity (GC) NLT 95.0% 9651%

Impurity A:4-chloro-4-methyl-5-methylene-1, 3-dioxolan-2-one

Impurity B: 4,5-Dimethyl-1, 3-dioxolan-2-one

Impurity C: Cis-4,5-dicloro-4, 5-dimethyl1, 3-dixolan-2-one

Impurity D:Trans-4,5-dichloro-4, 5-dimethyl1, 3-dixolan-2-one

Impurity E: 4,5-Dicloromethyl-1, 3-dioxolan-2-one


Intermediates of Olmesartan; Olmesartan side chain DMDO-Cl

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