2-Chlorobenzoic Acid 118-91-2

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CAS NO.: 118-91-2
M.F.: C7H5ClO2
M.W: 156.5685



Product name 2-Chlorobenzoic acid (OCBA)
CAS NO. 118-91-2
M.F. C7H5ClO2
M.W 156.5685
Structure 1
EINECS 204-285-4
Chemical Properties
Melting point 142℃
Density 1.544g/cm3
Boiling point 285°C
Flash point 183°C
 Safety information
Not dangerous goods
Net weight 25kg bag
package 1fcl can take18ton without pellets.
Batch size 1ton/batch


Item Specification Result
Assay %  NLT 99% 99.3
Melting point °C 137-142 141.3-142
Loss on drying % NMT 0.5 0.27
Conclusion Up to the standard.


2-Chlorobenzoic acid (OCBA) is the intermediate of medicine and pesticide, mainly used to prepare chlorpromazine, antiphlogine, dichlorinemitong and other drugs, and also used in dye and color film.It is also used For making Mefenamic Acid, Chlorpromazine, anti – inflammatory spirit, diclofenacin and other drugs.

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