Our Laboratory

Besides the general reactions, we are expert at the followings

√ Reduction by enzyme

√ Resolution by enzyme

√ Alkylation transamination by enzyme

√ Purity by DAC system

√ Microchannel reaction

√ Halogen Exchange

√ Chiral Separation Friedel Crafts acylation

√ Cycloaddion (inc Diels-Alder) Radical reaction

√ Mannich reaction Metal hydride

√ Heterocyclice formation Oxidation

√ Bromination Stereoselective synthesis

√ Hydrogenation total synthesis

√ Reaction conditions Reaction Temperature: -80℃-250℃

√ Reaction pressure: MAX 10MPa

√ Reactor: 25L-5000L; glass or steel

Our Laboratory

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment