Environment Policy

China is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. In recent years, China has adopted many measures to protect the environment, control pollution and reduce pollution.

√ The approval of new pharmaceutical plants and chemical plants is more difficult, and the state basically does not approve new plants.

√ The national environmental protection policy is very strict now, based on this environment, the only way out for the factory is to increase the investment in environmental protection, and become an enterprise meeting the national environmental protection standards to continue normal operation, and small factories do not have this kind of capital investment, so small factories slowly exit the industry, or integration or closure;

√ Chemical plants must be in regular chemical parks in order to have a chance of survival. All plants in non-chemical area will be moved or closed sooner or later.

√ Regional issues, such as lianyungang, northern jiangsu and other places where accidents often occur, will be paid more attention to, policies will be stricter, and production stability of chemical plants will be a big issue.