√ A team of young scientific directed by expert with rich industrialization experience, committed to a continuous development and optimization

√ Creative, motivated researchers sensitive to the modern synthesis methods — innovation

√ Well-equipped lab with advanced equipments

√ Easy-available literatures resource

√ Dedicated project follow up by development team

√ QC support (QC people involved in the whole process in development)

√ English communication (both R&D and QC)

√ The production capability ranged from grams to hundreds of metric tons

√ Commercialized possibility in self factory and cooperative factory of GMP or Non-GMP

√ Open to the customer

√ keep confidential to others


1. Structure & quality requirement

2. Investigate China market

3. Feasibility report in 10 working days with our proposal of route of synthesis , timing , cost and etc.

4. Synthesis route selection and confirmation

5. Progress report during the development to keep the customer informed on the status and exchange technical


6. Sample supply with MSDS, COA, HPLC, NMR

7. Customer test and approval

8. Trial order, optimization of the process, Scale up

9. Validation process

10. Stable operaton

11. Commercialize

12. Pre-shipment sample

13. Satety delivery

14. Documents supply, TPD file.


Besides the general reactions, we are expert at the followings

√ Reduction by enzyme

√ Resolution by enzyme

√ Alkylation transamination by enzyme

√ Purity by DAC system

√ Microchannel reaction

√ Halogen Exchange

√ Chiral Separation Friedel Crafts acylation

√ Cycloaddion (inc Diels-Alder) Radical reaction

√ Mannich reaction Metal hydride

√ Heterocyclice formation Oxidation

√ Bromination Stereoselective synthesis

√ Hydrogenation total synthesis

√ Reaction conditions Reaction Temperature: -80℃-250℃

√ Reaction pressure: MAX 10MPa

√ Reactor:25L-5000L; glass or steel

☆ If there’s any product that can’t be found in the market or new structure or cost problem, Please contact us to see if we can help you to synthesize and produce to solve your supply problems.